MeAndEmberAnd now you see the rest of the story… Ember is my daughter who does all the hard stuff.

And me? Well I do web stuff. I mean how do you explain what a Site Alchemist is? I could say I’m a web designer, but I also have a bent towards marketing. And I’m not just into marketing, but I also know what it takes to rank a site in the search engines. And I do much more than SEO.

I really like to craft websites that communicate the essence of a person, and get the technical stuff right too. I want your site to look good, rank well and make visitors swoon… and sign up for your updates! was born to create online magic for visionaries with dreams and goals who wish to focus on their craft. Too often amazing creative people don’t have any idea what it takes to build a website that functions properly. And for good reason! They’re focusing on what they love to do. And that is as it should be!

I love doing what I do! To see a site come together for my amazing clients thrills me. And all the praise doesn’t hurt my feelings either!