As with the Copper and Silver Levels, you get a custom website and your website gets a safe place to call home! Your new website is living and growing and requires consistent care and attention which I provide! Anytime you wish to update your content, add a page, etc., all you have to do is send me your material and I’ll take care of the rest. Your site will live happily-ever-after without you having to worry about a thing! How cool is that? The Gold Level even kicks email marketing up a notch offering multiple email lists and not just one, but two “Website Evolution” sessions annually!

Here are the details:

  • Server configuration which includes:
    • Set up of all technical aspects and settings
    • Fresh installation of WordPress, (the premier content management system for websites)
    • Creating your website branded email addresses
  • Hosting which includes:
    • Storing all your valuable web files and content safely and securely on my server
    • Any maintenance or server side updating and modifications
  • Initial website build:
    • I’ll begin construction of your site based on the needs and expectations we’ve determined together.
    • I will send you previews for your approval each step of the way.
  • Ongoing construction:
    • Your website will require new, fresh content, pictures, etc from time to time. Send your requests to me and it’s taken care of!
  • Updates to all server and site files as needed:
    • The software that drives your site is in a constant state of development. When these updates are released, I will update your site so you’ll always be running the latest, greatest and most secure software versions!
  • Email list-building:
    • I’ll create an email list for you using Aweber – the premier list-building and email autoresponder service.
    • Included in this plan is a custom designed email template that will match your website. When your people receive your emails, they’ll feel right at home – just like they’re visiting your site.
    • At the Gold level you can have up to 10 separate lists with their respective auto-responder sequences and up to 6 broadcast emails per list each month. That’s 60 emails per month alerting your peeps to your amazing awesomeness! This gives you the ability to separate your subscribers into groups with customized content being sent to each group. A little more work, yes but well worth the effort to more perfectly connect with your people and build the relationships that are the foundation of your business.
  • Two Annual “Website Evolution” sessions:
    • Gold members will benefit from receiving TWO “Website Evolution” sessions per year where we’ll focus exclusively on the expansion and future of your business.
    • We’ll create a plan and implement it before the next session! Prepare to be amazed! And did I say?… Expect miracles!