Iron Level

The Iron level is for the “Do-It-Yourself” type. You want to do the creative part, but not the server side setup. Iron is for you if you don’t mind learning a little of the programming code that websites are built with – CSS, HTML, etc. You should also figure on learning how to edit images or photos with software like PhotoShop.

Here are the details:

  • Server configuration which includes:
    • Set up of all technical aspects and settings
    • Fresh installation of WordPress, (the premier content management system for websites)
    • Creating your website branded email addresses
  • Hosting which includes:
    • Storing all your valuable web files and content safely and securely on my server
    • Any maintenance or server side updating and modifications
  • Personalized support which includes:
    • ANY server related support
  • Your DIY website:
    • When the server is set up, I’ll send you a link and login details so you may access the WordPress back-end of your website. At this point, you will have a basic shell of a website and you may begin filling in the blanks! Let the creative juices flow!